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60% off Cell Phone Multifunctional Screwdriver Opening Tool Only US $1.58+FS
tmart_ru wrote in tmartdeal
Hi, here is the Coupon for Cell Phone Multifunctional Screwdriver
<1> Cell Phone Multifunctional Screwdriver Opening Tool
Price after Coupon: $1.58
Coupon Code: TMART1023
Normal Price: US $3.97
Code Expires: 2012.10.26 

<2> Other features:
+ Able to open mobile phone, PDA housings, PSP, NDS, MP3 player, etc.
+ The screwdrivers allow you to open cover of the mobile phone easily and without damage to the phone cover
+ This tool set kit has everything you need to change out any faceplate
+ Non-slip studded handle
+ Magnetic screwdriver head
+ Tool set comprises one screwdriver head and 15 insert bits T5 T6 T8 T10 T15 PH0 PH1 PH2 SL2 SL3 U4 Y0

Please enter the coupon code in the secure checkout page where you can still checkout with PayPal.


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