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Подробности BBS Маркетинговой Программы
tmart_ru wrote in tmartdeal

Review Tmart products on the BBS

Комиссии : (Regular+ Extra)Pay

Описание :


Thanks for your interest in joining in the BBS Marketing Program. You will get paid for posting in forums, blogs which Tmart related, such as a review, a promotion or shopping experience with 

  2.How to Carry Out the Task

1) Registration: Click Join Us now! 
2) Contact us( and send us the link of your posts.
3) After your posts are approved, we will track your posts according to the statistical data (visits) from Google Analytics.
4) We will pay you to meet the relevant regulations below.

  3.Requirements for Threads

1) You should be the original poster.
2) Threads should be attractive and more than 100 words.
3) Any style is acceptable, pictures in the thread would be better.
4) Include at least one link to Tmart.

  4.Commissions( 1 task/thread )

1)Commissions = Regular Pay + Extra Pay
2)Regular Pay: US$2 ( One account can post 5 threads at most per month )
3)Extra Pay: In a month, clicks/visits to Tmart;
  ①Visits: 50~1999, Extra Pay = US$0.0.5 × visits
  ②Visits: ≥2,000, Extra Pay = US$0.07 × visits

  5.Other Details( 1 task/thread )

1) You can’t get your cash back until your total amount is US$50 or more; Payment time: 1st of each month.
2) We promise the statistital data (visits) is equitable. Please do not try to cheat, we will not pay you once found cheating.
3) Tmart reserves the final right of explanation, investigation and verification of the activity.

More details:


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